Stream of Gratitude

1 min readMay 19, 2021


(Written on Mercury Day in the Mercury Hour)
Mercury is The Messenger, the day of communication.
May these words resonate with you and affirm you.

I use this energy and manifest with my words.

I speak with confidence. I speak with the vibration of love, compassion, clarity and knowing.

Fully immersed in my intuition, I communicate with my highest self and listen to my spirit guides.

With stillness, and conscious breathing, I listen with my eyes. Observant one. Feeling the sounds around me. Embodying them to reach full awareness of self.

I am in flllooowww with the Universe. Such a gift to really BE in the present.

I am truly grateful for my blessings.

My surroundings are a reflection of me. Nature surrounds me. The leaves are a rich green. The trees are full. The birds are communicating with each other and with the Universe.

Birds sing and speak with power and sweetness. They are confident in projecting their voice, their frequency…their gifts. Full expression. I look to the birds as inspiration. A reminder to use my gifts and express who I am.

A bird doesn’t lower its voice for anyone.

I am a bird.




I write what i'm feeling. I write to heal. Cancer Mercury in 11H